Friday, August 21, 2009

What W. Taught Me

The last time I voted in any election was 2000. I cast an absentee ballot in the state of Florida. I didn't vote for either Bush or Gore, and that election taught me that my vote didn't matter in the slightest.

Of course, Bush didn't teach me that. That was just an observation of how the system works. In the end, I was somewhat happy that Bush was elected over Gore. I thought that the Republican Party was the lesser of two evils and that his election was for the best. I no longer believe that. Maybe Bush was better than Gore would've been, but that's impossible to tell. I think the record on Bush speaks for itself and it is almost universally negative. If there was ever anything good about the Republican Party, the Bush regime pretty much purged it. Bush taught me that I am not a Republican.

What will Obama teach me? I already know that I'm not a Democrat. I can't think of anything that he's advocated (now that he's in office, I mean) that I support. Maybe he doesn't have anything to teach me. I wonder how many Democrats will learn the same lesson that Bush taught me. I can only hope.


The Grape Crusader said...

I think people are learning with Obama how a brilliant propaganda campaign can turn "business as usual" into a wave of hope.

IN the end though, you get business as usual. I could see that coming with Obama. I hoped he would be unflinchingly liberal, but alas, he's another centrist. Unfortunately now the right is using the propaganda to cast him as a commie menace who will take away guns and euthanize the elderly, while the left is pissed at him for "pandering" to the right when he has a majority in house and senate.

There are a lot of people unhappy with him, because he was hyped so much as something new. Thankfully, the american public has the attention span of a cartoon, or i'd say he was one-term already. But I bet they buy the same line again come election time.

BJV said...

I'm trying to think of a meaningful campaign promise that he's fulfilled. Can you think of any?

I think it's too early to call him a one term president. A lot depends on what happens with health care. For the record, I think there is a lot wrong with health care in the U.S., but I think he's going in the wrong direction.

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